About Us

Our company was founded by Peter Mazur, a former World Champion cyclist and multi-sport athlete from Canada.  During his career, Peter spent a large portion of his time outside sports in creative graphics, web development and ecommerce.  Following his sports career, Peter began developing methods for creating customizable sportswear in Poland, his second home.  From sublimation printing to industrial sewing, he quickly established a manufacturing process which allowed for the distribution of products both under the Kallisto brand and others worldwide.  Product development, e-commerce, web development, marketing, graphic design, quality control, and warehousing are just some of the processes that were developed.  With this growth, came the possibility to work with sports organizations & businesses on a regular basis, identifying problems within creative, branding and reach to clients or potential sponsors.  With this in mind, Kallisto Sport has grown into a full fledged sports & digital branding agency. We continue to supply high quality custom branded sportswear & promotional items, but have added a wide variety of digital branding services which allow organizations to increase their visibility and maximize their value.